Protect Yourself with Aircraft Warranty Management

Even good products fail. Control your aircraft maintenance costs with robust warranty processes that ensure you fully recover repair costs that ought to be covered. Too often they are not. Why? Warranty administration is frequently under-resourced and constrained by inadequate data. SeaTec’s warranty management service fills that void.

Reduce costs with our Warranty Service

Our team uses WCM Warranty Claims Manager software enables warrantable parts, labor, and repairs to be identified claimed in near REAL TIME and routed through a process that simplifies the monitoring measurement and recovery of claims. Our engineers assess, follow-up, and if necessary contest warranty determinations to get the right outcome.

The results we achieve yield new insights into your maintenance process and fleet reliability. 

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Cost Avoided
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Inventory Optimization Identified


 and Maintenance Drivers Highlighted

Warranty Management Services

Complete tracking of potential and actual claims

Expert assessment and engagement of manufacturer / repairers to deliver the right outcome

Visibility of component, assembly and manufacturer / repairer performance

Successful claim factors and maintenance insights

What you need and when you need it

End-to-end tracking of potential and actual claims

OEM and MRO performance trends and insights

Expert assessment and engagement of manufacturer/repairers


Multiple value opportunities including claims, TAT (turnaround time), maintenance action, reliability and AOS (aircraft out of service), supply chain optimization identified, valued, and delivered.


Ready for action WCM software, workflow, and connectors enabling integration and seamless integration of data to and from popular M&E systems.