The SeaTec Way Experience

SeaTec Way Experience Atlanta

Building Culture and Team

The work that SeaTec consultants perform for clients extends beyond the skills, expertise and experience we can readily provide. At the foundation of our work is The SeaTec Way, embodied by the core values that guide us each day.

The Values We Live by

The SeaTec Way is lived out not only in the interactions and quality we bring to each client and their challenges but also in how our team members interact with one another and the communities we call home. It’s shown when we help an airline improve their maintenance operations or tackle the technician shortage. And it’s shown when team members distribute food to hungry families in Houston or turn out to support future aviators at Girls in Aviation Day in Minneapolis.

Creating a culture across a far-flung team like ours requires more than a sincere belief in the mission. It requires work.

That’s why we set aside time for team members to come together for The SeaTec Way Experience. Held in multiple company locations, the experience includes a dinner and day-long session where team members can engage in a deeper exploration of SeaTec’s history, values and culture. They engage in team-building exercises, sharpen their skills and have the opportunity to self-reflect and learn more about their roles in shaping SeaTec as we go forward.

The SeaTec Way Experience is something we began in 2019. As it did with many things, the pandemic disrupted our gatherings, but the pause allowed us to hone our approach, and last year the SeaTec Way 2.0 Experience rolled out. Consider it an upgrade, with more to come.