Get To Know Senior Analyst Kayleigh Barrows

Kayleigh Barrows Senior Analyst

What do you do in your current role as Senior Analyst?

My position as a senior analyst can look a little different on every project.

In this role I gather, interpret, and use complex data to develop actionable steps that will improve processes and optimize results for clients. I work alongside my teammates to assess client needs and focus on areas of improvement. In some roles I can be creating maintenance documentation for clients to use and in other roles I can be analyzing data and working to find solutions for clients who are looking to streamline their maintenance practices.

Why did you choose this career path?

When I made the decision to separate from the military, I felt very unsure about which type of career path I wanted to pursure. I honestly never knew that I even enjoyed aviation until I joined the Air Force. My time in the military allowed me to work on various airframes and gain exposure in different leadership roles where I was able to equip myself with tools that would make me very versatile for careers in the civilian world. I knew a few things for certain- I enjoyed working on teams, problem solving, and executing senior leaders goals with my teammates. It was important to me that my next career was with a company where I could really make impact…where I wasn’t just a number or a human sitting in a cubicle. I wanted to find a smaller more intimate company where I really mattered. The cherry on top is that I found a company that checks all of those boxes and I am able to continue to work in aviation which I really enjoy.

How has your career been fulfilling?

My career in the military as well as my time with SeaTec has been extremelt fulfilling. I believe the military really molded me and catapulted me to where I am now. I faced many challenges in my previous career where the only option was to always adapt and overcome. I think experiencing those challenges and keeping that positive “win” mindset has helped me as I moved into my new career with SeaTec. Although I am still working in aviation, it is almost like starting over and learning something brand new. As SeaTec’s senior analyst it’s been very fulfilling to be able to work alongside different individuals that have the same positive outlook and tenacity when we work on projects to achieve clients goals.

Why SeaTec?

If I am being completely honest, I had no idea SeaTec existed until a childhood friend of mine convinced me to use the powers of LinkedIn to connect with others while I was searching for a job during my transition out of the military. Thankfully my LinkedIn post made it to Allen McReynolds and he reached out so we could set up a time to talk. My first conversation was with Allen, Tim Larson and Jeff Pauls and honestly I will never forget it. It was a Friday morning and we spoke for about 45 minutes and the second I hung up, I knew SeaTec was something special. I remember saying to myself “I think these are my people.” 

I was then able to connect with Sara Lerner and Stephanie Alcivar and within a few weeks, I was a proud SeaTec employee. I knew the qualities that were important for me to find in a company but I was nervous that I would never find one that checked all the boxes. SeaTec checks all of the boxes and then some more. SeaTec puts meaning behind their words and really values their employees and the different talents they bring to the table. I feel so fortunate to work for this company. I wake up everyday excited to work alongside my teammates and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at SeaTec. I feel forever grateful to Allen, Tim, Jeff, Sara and Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to work for such an amazing company.