SeaTec Helps Aspire MRO Take Maintenance Digital

Heavy maintenance and Boeing 777 freighter conversion provider Aspire MRO recently deployed a new digital maintenance system with SeaTec’s assistance and expertise.

Aspire MRO, founded in 2022 and located in Fort Worth, Texas, rolled out the EmpowerMX system, and SeaTec’s consultants helped with the process design, as recounted in a recent Aviation Week article.

Using a consultant like SeaTec is valuable, Aspire MRO President and CEO Phil Bathurst told the aviation news outlet. “Otherwise, the IT company will just do what you tell them to, and there will be no improvement,” he said. “You will just be digitizing bad processes.”

The SeaTec team has extensive experience in maintenance program modernizations and optimizations and is equipped to help throughout the process, including assessing processes, defining requirements, system selection, data migration and implementation.

SeaTec provides a system-agnostic approach for airlines, maintenance providers and other operators, and its team knows both legacy systems and the options available in the digital MRO landscape. It has led modernization programs involving over 2,500 aircraft, 150-plus locations and more than 60,000 employees.

MrO System transformation

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