Get to Know Yvette Lapura

Get to know SeaTec's Digital Manager, Yvette Lapura. Read along as she tells the journey of her own career path.

What Do You Do In Your Role as Digital Manager?

I focus on custom software applications through the development lifecycle, managing a team of business analysts and working closely with product and marketing teams on software as a service (SaaS) products. As a core member of the Smartsheet team, I support setup and workflows to meet the unique needs of a project.

I also consult on project management, process generation and change management in the areas of application development and organizational restructuring. My consulting work has involved data analysis, business problem definitions, application development and quality assurance, business process development, space planning, resource planning and team structure definition.

Why Did You Choose This Career Path?

My path is an interesting one, as I initially received a degree in architecture and worked as an entry-level architect. I began making adjustments to software to increase my efficiency when drawing plans and rendering. Paths aligned, and a major consulting company recruited me, and on my first project I worked at a major airline on software that supported a pricing team. This introduced me to software development and the importance of precise requirements. I went on to work in health care on both the charge capture and payer sides. I enjoy problem-solving, working in industries with large data availability, and helping business units leverage data for data-driven decision-making. I appreciate data so much that I am completing a graduate degree in data science.

How Has Your Career Been Fulfilling?

I have been exposed to multiple aspects of the aviation industry, including operations control centers, baggage operations, crew management, maintenance programs, fleet engineering, fleet strategy and reliability. Among the aspects of software creation that I enjoy are seeing products move from concept to full-blown implementation and use by internal teams and clients and building out roadmaps for increased functionality.

Why SeaTec?

I was introduced by a former colleague who had transitioned from a health care background and was thriving at SeaTec. I love a good challenge and made the leap in 2018. It was a significant learning curve, especially wrapping my head around a new jargon-heavy and acronym-filled world, but I am happy to report I have learned to speak aviation. SeaTec has a great environment, and its leadership has empowered me to grow professionally while providing opportunities to be challenged. The managing partners have been accessible and valuable mentors, and I am deeply grateful.