Get to Know Us – Nimisha Kaul Grover

After a decade in the industry, Nimisha is still fascinated by the challenge of improving aircraft interior designs.

Nimisha Kaul Grover

Nimisha Kaul Grover

Principal Engineer

Aerospace and Aviation


What do you do in your current role?

As a Materials Engineer, I support a diverse range of projects. I am currently working on cabin maintenance engineering for airline interior modification programs. This includes upgrading and refurbishing anything on board the aircraft that contributes to the passenger experience, along with aircraft certification and aircraft warranty analysis. I also contribute to FAA technical groups and industry quality (AS9100 and SAE) initiatives.

Why did you choose this career path?

Both my parents are scientists, so I grew up around the subject. I assumed I would follow a similar path. Once into college, assigned projects, internships, and my experience at two esteemed institutes (IIT Kanpur and the National Physics Laboratory) fueled a specific passion for engineering solutions and materials engineering. Working with an aerospace manufacturer validated the decision to pursue a career in aviation and aircraft certification. After graduating with a degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), I started my career in aircraft certification and material testing.

After a decade in the industry, I am still fascinated when I walk onto an aircraft and start troubleshooting a design. Being a problem solver by nature, I enjoy the challenges of engineering design, design for manufacturability, and failure investigations.

How has your career been fulfilling, and why?

My career and the work that I do challenges me both intellectually and creatively. I always strive to achieve more than what is expected of me, as a woman and as an engineer. I am particularly thankful to some great leaders in the industry who have encouraged me along the way.

As a mother, wife, and daughter, one consistent objective for me is to maintain ‘work/life balance’ and grow equally to the best of my ability in all spheres of life. My family is my backbone and I am thankful for all their love and support.   

Why SeaTec?

What I appreciate the most about SeaTec is the culture and that each and every employee is valued. Even in the worst of COVID-19, the SeaTec leadership team left no stone unturned to absorb financial pressures and its effect on the team.  Proud to be a part of this team! 

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