Get to Know Jason Lee

What do you do in your current role AS PRODUCT SALES LEAD?

The main function of my role is sales. To some, sales have a negative reputation. But the very best salespeople take the time to understand their customers’ business problems and offer solutions that bring value to the business, its employees, and their customers. With SeaTec, I help our aviation clients understand what product solutions are available to them, determine if that product is the right fit and then help them build the business case to invest in that solution.

Why did you choose this career path?

Software sales is the first and only “real” job I have had since college. The original plan (my parents’) was to be a lawyer, but I convinced my parents to let me take a year and make some money to pay off my student loans before going into deeper debt for law school. It was 2000, the year the world didn’t “blow up” from Y2K and dot-coms were hiring like crazy. My first job was in business development for a technical consulting and recruiting firm and I never looked back. I remember the head of HR asking me during an interview what I knew about Java, and I said, ‘Do you mean coffee?’ So I chose this career path through luck and timing, but I stayed on it because of the people and the relationships. Over 20-plus years, I have met some of the kindest, funniest, smartest people. Many of them positively impacted my life, and some I am lucky to call my friend.

How has your career been fulfilling and why?

First, I love learning, and through sales I have learned about businesses and how they run. Earlier on, I worked with financial institutions, retail operations and government, and it was interesting to understand how these organizations ran. Most recently it has been the aviation industry, and it has been rewarding learning about airlines, airports, MROs and OEMs.

Second, sales gave me a chance to meet new people, travel and experience different cultures. Now that I have a family, I appreciate the flexibility sales provides. It’s definitely not a 9-5 job, and it often requires sacrifices. But it is results-oriented and if you manage time wisely you can have the right work-life balance. This career has made me a more well-rounded and understanding person.

Why SeaTec?

Before joining SeaTec, I was fortunate to have worked with them while at another company. So I already knew I was joining a professional and credible company with happy, successful customers. Now, I can see SeaTec is built on a foundation of good people and a meaningful culture. Having both specialized consulting services and best-of-breed products, SeaTec is uniquely positioned to put the client’s needs first when offering a solution. You see, when you are a services company, you try to solve all problems with services. When you are a product company, you try to solve all problems with products. But working at SeaTec allows me to look at solutions with the client’s best interests in mind and be a true customer advocate.