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SeaTec customers rely on us for proven aerospace, defense and transportation engineering support. We offer a full spectrum of engineering project strategy and design to project execution and delivery. 

A Value-Added Engineering Partner

Engineering serves as a key component of our digitally enabled technical services. Our highly skilled professionals earn your trust. Which is why we’ve supported some of our customers since we opened our doors – more than 20 years ago.

We fix processes, not symptoms. As a leading provider of engineering solutions for complex technical, business and operational problems, chances are good that we’ve encountered – and solved – issues you may be working to overcome. Our expertise extends from strategy to execution. Our engineering services help create lean, adaptable organizations. 

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SeaTec Experience

Engineering and Configuration Control
  • Major/minor mods engineering, including DER and ODA UM certificate holders
  • Aircraft Structural Repair Design & FAA Approval (Stage 1)
  • Aircraft Structural Stress Analysis
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Evaluation (DTE), FAA Approval – Repairs & Alterations
  • Certification Planning & Compliance Consulting for TC/STC Applicants
  • Interior design/reconfiguration and cabin surface repair
  • PMA/owner operator-produced parts (OOPP) design 
  • Component build standards and work scope
Technical Services
  • Aircraft configuration management
  • Liaison engineering
  • Warranty management
  • Engine & component maintenance contracting strategy 
Maintenance and Reliability Programs
  • Maintenance program optimization and customization
  • Reliability programs
  • Predictive maintenance enablement
Technical Publications and Work Instructions
  • Digitization, migration, and mobile delivery
  • Authoring and maintaining engineering instructions (job cards)
  • Policy and procedure development
Records Management
  • Digitization, migration and indexing
  • Asset due diligence, transfer and entry into service
  • Audit, lease return, invoice and claim research & reviews
Aircraft Systems Engineering
  • Systems design and development on commercial aircraft and military derivatives

Helping customers solve complex problems, accelerate implementations and improve processes is not just what we do. It's who we are.