Air Transportation & Operations

SeaTec Air Transportation and Operations (ATO) provides program leadership, strategy, technology, operational and business consulting to the nation’s largest air transport operators and their key suppliers. Types of engagements include:

  • Engine and component maintenance analysis and sourcing
  • Rapid independent assessments and improvement programs
  • In-flight satellite and ground-based connectivity evaluation and sourcing
  • Maintenance and engineering system selection, integration & data migration
  • Avionics & flight deck upgrades
  • EFB, IFE and onboard applications evaluation and product development
  • New organization development and leadership of integrated customer and 3rd party teams
  • Business value analysis

What Our Clients Say

“I know you guys put up with a lot of stuff this week, as many did to accomplish what was done. And I’m sure I only saw a small portion of the hard work and commitment you all put in throughout the week to help make what happened…happen. On a personal note, thanks for all you have done and are doing to support this important work…you truly are making a difference and leading to our success.”

Airline Client, 2016

Example Projects

  • Maintenance and Enginneering (M&E) technology selection for major airline
  • Project leaders and subject matter experts for M&E technology integration and data migration
  • Engine maintenance contract entry – event forecasting, pricing and cost analysis
  • Market Survey, sourcing strategy & execution for major airline In-Flight Connectivity
  • System performance evaluation and customer experience benchmarking for In Flight Connectivity
  • Commercial airline ADS-B early implementation and airspace integration
  • UAS airspace access task force conception and leadership