SeaTec Digital is the end-to-end software services business unit within SeaTec, focused on solutions for the Transportation and Aerospace & Defense industries. We operate seamlessly with other SeaTec offerings to provide full product lifecycle management and support. Our technology independence, top talent, and leading partner network help customers leverage software innovation to enable their digital transformations in facing the dynamic changes of the industries we serve.

Our extensive technical experience, best practices approach, and deep industry expertise combine for a unique, single-stop offering – providing our customers with a partner which has an in-depth understanding of their business and can handle complex, mission-critical projects of all sizes. SeaTec Digital provides top-to-bottom leadership and turnkey delivery, and has helped our customers through successful system implementation, integration, and modernization initiatives. Our delivery models include:

Turn-key or augmented delivery of customer systems (Client IP & processes)

Data Lakes and Data Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Turn-key integration, data migration and deployment of 3rd party software

Industrial automation solutions

Targeted Cloud/SaaS solutions solving mid-range customer requirements

Example Projects

  • Development of new, mission-critical operational interface integrations and APIs
  • Replacement, rearchitecture and enhancement of legacy, mission-critical mainframe system
  • Full program to enhance and modernize legacy, mission-critical mainframe system with advanced UI, and improved workflow & extensions (e.g., barcode, RFID)
  • SaaS solution for electrical load analysis
  • Development of data migration and staging tool
  • We specialize in leading technology architectures, languages, frameworks, components, automated tools, and methods (e.g., Agile, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery)