Consulting Expertise Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Most of SeaTec’s engagements involve Customer “projects,” which typically have a start and an end – i.e., a natural “life cycle.” SeaTec has deep expertise to assist its customers throughout the project life cycle. However, SeaTec people listen closely to understand Customer needs, and tailor their consulting assistance to match those needs. And, most importantly, when the project ends the consultants leave.

SeaTec consultants are expert in accomplishing comprehensive analysis of business unit or program future performance and economic results. This may include:

  • Economic & value modeling
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Market/product assessment
  • Pricing analysis

Early in the project life-cycle, it is critical to have a clear view of the requirements and solution trade space. This is where SeaTec systems engineering expertise excels, driving out the basis for key technical, architectural and cost/pricing decisions. SeaTec is particularly strong in assisting the Customer with navigating complex highly-integrated systems decisions, and applying best practices. Whether it is leading an architectural review, developing use case analysis or guiding the most critical trade study, SeaTec can provide the right expertise.

Sometimes our Customers need assistance with demonstrating viability of a product concept. SeaTec has provided value-added assistance in these situations, by defining the requirements and forming development teams to execute and deliver rapid prototype software applications. Product Development may include software requirements and architecture, software team management, integration, test and delivery- along with essential quality systems expertise along the way.

In coordination with the Customer, SeaTec can develop and coordinate the product concept. SeaTec can assist the Customer in formulating the business case and “Go-To-Market” strategy.  If needed SeaTec can provide interim business and technical leadership to the new business entity. And, by leveraging alliance teammates, SeaTec can even build a software product from concept to prototype to deployment by applying SeaTec proven technical and business solutions.

Sometimes the Customer seeks assistance with helping a troubled or challenged project get back on track. The Customer will engage SeaTec to conduct an independent assessment and provide actionable recovery plan. It is not uncommon for the Customer to accept SeaTec’s recommendations and then engage SeaTec to provide technical and project management leadership to help achieve the project “turn-around.” Hands-on leadership is key to turning actionable plans into reality.

Our consultants create and execute comprehensive systems integration plans and timelines, build effective test cases, and lead test case development. They serve as test conductors in lab testing and flight testing to verify system performance and ensure on-time delivery of the required functionality.

When the Customer needs to accomplish complex transition from legacy to new information systems, SeaTec provides valuable “lessons learned” as well as certain highly effective techniques. SeaTec has provided essential leadership for airline technical operations information systems and related processes on several occasions. SeaTec has deep expertise in data migration/validation, exception cleanup, interim state management and change enablement.

In steady-state situations, sometimes Customers seek to augment their in-house capabilities. SeaTec provides expertise on a “managed services” basis for aircraft technical records, engineering services, technical services and information technology.

SeaTec provides hands-on leadership for on-going programs, at either start-ups or established companies, with access to “A-players” to fill key leadership gaps on a short-term basis. SeaTec has built a record of exceptional program management and delivery. SeaTec approaches each engagement taking into account Customer needs, the current situation and combines that with experienced leadership to create an actionable plan.

What Our Clients Say

“Great job helping us pull together the Preliminary Design Review with the U.S. Air Force.   We are lucky to have you on the program.   SeaTec is really making a difference.”

Boeing Director

What Our Clients Say

“We’re approaching mid-year and that, at least at our airline, means mid-year evaluations.  Below is just a tiny example of the value that SeaTec brings to our effort.  Bottom line:  I couldn’t do this without SeaTec and the expertise you bring to the table.”

Airline Senior Manager

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