Culture and Values

At SeaTec, we take great pride in our work, and we are passionate about achieving business results for our customers. We are also equally focused on how we treat our colleagues, team members and customers.

SeaTec’s Culture Emanates from these Guiding Values:

  • Maintain high integrity in everything we do
  • Treat people with respect, regardless of their relationship with the company
  • Deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, rather than business perpetuation
  • Reward outstanding performance by our team members
  • Foster a culture that encourages a reasonable work-life balance
  • Take good care of our employees
  • Own mistakes and address them head-on
  • Enjoy our work and have fun
  • Expect all our team members to share these values


SeaTec is different from many traditional consulting firms — Our people are hands-on leaders and problem solvers, with proven expertise.  They average 20+ years of industry experience, many with diverse backgrounds. They possess a breadth of skills in leadership, technical and business domains.  And most importantly, each one is passionate about achieving results for his or her customer.

Our people tend to be nimble, able to negotiate difficult technical, cultural and political environments.  They are particularly skilled in rapidly building and leading high-performing teams, and in creating alliances.  They can draw in additional skills and subject matter experts quickly as needed, to provide surge support and “step-up” to special assignments.

Our people are easy to work with.  They exemplify a “one team” attitude while working interactively with the customer’s staff.  They know how to overcome challenges, remove roadblocks and produce actionable recommendations and deliverables.  They often anticipate, and respond to, the unexpected.  Overall, their role is to help customer personnel, at all levels, to be successful.

What Our Clients Say

“Great job at the [KC-46] PDR.  We are lucky to have you (Kauser) and Jeff on the program.”

– Boeing Client

“I couldn’t do this without Dale and the expertise he brings to the table.  His analytical skills were a key reason we had such low fallout at TOD1.”

– Airline Client

“[Ann] has demonstrated a “Level 5” ability to take charge and move out. It is my belief that obtaining her services, through SeaTec would be a major improvement in our ability to execute the work scope”

– Boeing Client

“[Terril] is instrumental in the execution of the P-8A program, and put simply, we could not do it without him.”

– Boeing Client

“My views of SeaTec’s  contributions to this project are extremely high, we would not be in the same position we are today without your teams involvement…”

– Airline Client

“If it was not for SeaTec, this aircraft would have been dispatched illegally.”

– Airline Client